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‘Queer Eye’ Fans, Rejoice! The Fab Five Is Adding A Sixth Member Named ‘Pig Boy’ Who Bites Those Responsible For A Participant’s Self-Esteem Issues

Get excited, Queer Eye fans, because the show is making an incredible new addition to the cast that’s sure to make next season the most uplifting one yet: The Fab Five is adding a sixth member named Pig Boy who bites those responsible for a participant’s self-esteem issues.

Just yes! It didn’t seem possible, but Queer Eye is about to get even better!

Pig Boy, a gay boy–pig with a professional background in psychology and biting, will join the team as its official “self-esteem expert” and have his own segment devoted to gnawing and mauling anyone who causes that episode’s makeover nominee to develop low self-confidence. Earlier today, Netflix released a teaser trailer for the upcoming season that shows an emotional conversation where Pig Boy holds a participant’s hands in his mud-caked hooves and has them list off any school bully, disapproving parent, or abusive ex who has ever made them feel ashamed of who they are. Then, Pig Boy squeals and shits in righteous fury and trots away to go bite the offender as hard as he can for retribution, with Jonathan shouting after him, “Go get it, henny! Have yourself a little feral moment!”

“After three seasons of bringing fashion, culture, cooking, grooming, and design into the lives of amazing people, we’re so excited to have Pig Boy on board to help participants embrace the fabulous and healing power of biting,” said Queer Eye in a press release. “Growing up in a religious household with parents who didn’t approve of him being a gay pig person who is constantly biting and gnashing his teeth, Pig Boy is painfully familiar with the struggles that many of our makeover nominees endure, and he and his jagged teeth are ready and eager to start changing lives!”

“Fans will agree that Pig Boy is a perfect complement to the Fab Five,” the statement continued. “Whether he’s dragging hay and garbage in from outside to help Bobby give a chic new living space a rustic touch or eating all the rotten food that Antoni finds in a refrigerator to help him get the kitchen in order, Pig Boy is an amazing addition to the Queer Eye family.”

Wow! We’re already tearing up just imagining the look of happiness on participants’ faces when Pig Boy feverishly sinks his several teeth into the thighs of toxic, unsupportive individuals, leaving behind infected wounds as reminders that everyone deserves to be loved and accepted just the way they are.

And if all this weren’t already awesome enough, Pig Boy will be the first openly gay pig–human hybrid to ever appear on reality TV—just another incredible barrier broken by the most life-affirming and inclusive show out right now. Here’s hoping Queer Eye gets the new episodes finished ASAP, because we cannot wait to binge on season four!