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Save The World! Replace These Oil Spills With Delicious Soup

Over 700 million gallons of oil flood into our oceans each year—but they don’t have to. Use the sliders to do your part, and put warm, tasty broths where disasters once were.

An entire tanker full of petroleum, spilled straight into the Gulf of Mexico. Do your part and turn that oil into some tasty chicken noodle soup.

Don’t worry, fish! All that oil will soon be gone, and creamy, delicious split pea will be in its place.

Imagine a better world: a world where 2 million gallons of sludge was actually 2 million gallons of Dad’s famous kickin’ cowboy chili, slow-cooked for hours and packed with meat.

Soon, this poor creature won’t be suffocating in oil. Soon, he’ll be swimming around in a vat of traditionally prepared French onion soup.

“Black gold”? No thank you. Creamy tomato? Yes please!

Thank you for all you’ve done. Now that the disaster is gone, the healing process can truly begin.