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Saving Time: OPI Is Now Selling Gallon Buckets Of Nail Polish For People Who Can’t Paint Their Nails For Shit And Might As Well Just Dunk Their Whole Hands In There And Get It Over With

It’s no secret that painting your nails can often turn into a big ordeal, but now one of the biggest nail polish companies in the game has introduced a new product that will hopefully make things much easier: OPI is now selling gallon buckets of nail polish for people who can’t paint their nails for shit and might as well just dunk their whole hands in there and get it over with.

This is a major game-changer for people who seriously suck ass at painting their nails.

Hitting store shelves this week, OPI’s new Lacquer Buckets come in the same varieties of color and texture you know and love, except now you don’t have to bother with the time-consuming hassle of delicately applying nail polish—you can just straight-up dip your whole hand in there. This is an extremely thoughtful move on OPI’s part, considering how many people can’t even paint their nails with their dominant hand, let alone their non-dominant hand, and would rather just be done with the whole process, even if it means coating their entire hand in dark red lacquer. Without any need to worry about base coats or top coats, these buckets are going to save people both time and money, and that’s something that everyone who ends up looking like a dumbass when they attempt to paint their nails can get excited about.

Yup, OPI has hit it out of the park with this one. For the millions of people out there who can’t paint their nails without smudging the polish or getting it all over their cuticles, this product is a serious life-saver, and one that’s sure to be a bestseller. Here’s hoping other beauty companies follow suit with gallon nail polish buckets of their own!