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Sex-Ed FTW: This Pregnant Dog Visits Schools To Teach Children That Just Because You Have Huge Tits Doesn’t Mean They Always Look Good

There’s no shortage of harmful messaging about beauty in our culture these days, but one awesome sex-ed initiative is spreading across the country to teach kids a healthier, more grounded understanding of body image: This pregnant dog visits schools to teach children that just because you have huge tits doesn’t mean they always look good.

Yes! This is what responsible sex education looks like!

From the moment they’re born, children in our society are conditioned to believe that huge breasts are always going to look amazing, but thanks to the efforts of a heavily pregnant 5-year-old beagle named Gingerbread, students across America are learning that “bigger is better” isn’t always the whole story when it comes to tits. With the help of her human handlers, Gingerbread has been visiting dozens of schools to show students that her distended mammary glands look bizarre and unappealing even though they’re enormous relative to the rest of her body, and in doing so she’s making thousands of kids aware of just how unrealistic their expectations of beauty really are.

“Movies and the internet have given a lot of these kids a very skewed idea of what an attractive body looks like, so seeing Gingerbread’s bulbous teats swing around under her whenever she walks helps these young people understand that massive boobs aren’t necessarily wonderful simply because they’re humongous,” said Richard Warner, a middle-school principal in Kansas City whose students are still talking about Gingerbread’s visit a month later. “I have students come up to ask me if Gingerbread can come back for another assembly so they can see how messed up her tits would look if she lay on her back, and that enthusiasm tells me that this amazing dog and her off-putting, engorged nipples have reached the students in a way no textbook ever could.”

It’s awesome to see Gingerbread’s misshapen, pendulous udders make such a positive impact in these students’ lives. Here’s hoping more schools get word about this incredible program, because it’s an important lesson that kids can’t afford to miss.