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Shameful: This Man Won’t Stop Demanding Candles, Even Though He’s Already Holding One In Each Hand

Some people can never get enough.

Whether they’re chasing money, love, or power, there are certain sick people who just can’t help but want more and more, completely unable to feel satisfaction. We’ve all come across this type of greedy hedonist, but here’s one example that will make your blood run cold: this man who won’t stop demanding candles even though he’s already holding one in each hand.

There are really no two ways about it: This is absolutely shameful.

While plenty of people would be more than happy to have a lit dinner candle in each of their hands, it’s clearly not even close to enough for this guy, who is constantly saying, “Give me more candles,” or, “Bring me another candle so I can hold it,” every few seconds. There’s simply no other way to interpret this: This man already holding two candles wants more candles.

If that doesn’t make your stomach churn, we don’t know what will.

If you feel inclined to give this guy the benefit of the doubt, consider this: There is almost no wax collected at the base of his hands, so he’s definitely not concerned with the candles melting any time soon. Plus it’s daytime, so the candles provide no benefit of looking at something in the dark. And let’s not forget that even if someone brought him more candles, he would have absolutely no way to hold them because he’s holding two candles already.

Um, yeah. There’s no silver lining here.

The worst part of it all? Even between bellowing demands like, “I want to hold more candles very soon, ideally even right now,” or, “Go to the store and buy me some candles; I hear they are quite cheap,” he hasn’t expressed any gratitude at all for the two candles he already has. It’s sad, but you have to wonder if he even knows he’s holding them.

This guy just doesn’t get it, and it’s a disgrace.