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Slip-Ups, Flubs, And Wardrobe Malfunctions: 9 Mistakes At The Emmys

Another Emmys has come and gone, but we won’t soon be forgetting the major goofs that came with it. Here are just a handful of the slip-ups, flubs, and wardrobe malfunctions from last night.

1. In a major red carpet disaster, Julie Bowen forgot to bring the “w” in her last name with her to the ceremony. Oops!

2. Homeland star and Best Supporting Actor nominee Mandy Patinkin made things awkward for everyone after a live mic caught him whispering to Jon Hamm that he wished America had lost the Revolutionary War.

3. Bryan Cranston and Julia Louis-Dreyfus went more than a little overboard, sharing a passionate kiss despite neither of them wearing their SAG-mandated oral prophylactics.

4. The audience was more than a little embarrassed for Jim Parsons when he abruptly coughed up a cloud of feathers in the middle of his acceptance speech. Yikes!

5. The typically somber “In Memoriam” segment was briefly thrown off course when producers accidentally started playing the reel featuring 2016’s deceased celebrities.

6. Gwen Stefani majorly botched the pronunciation of The Colbert Report, calling it “Blood Shall Rain From The Sky, Drowning Those Who Violate His Divine Will.”

7. In a huge goof, the Emmys orchestra inadvertently played “The Matthew McConaughey Song” while Bryan Cranston was accepting his award for Best Actor in a Drama Series.

8. During one widely tweeted-about moment, Lena Dunham briefly covered her nipples.

9. Much to the annoyance of attendees, the Nokia Theatre was accidentally double-booked for the evening, resulting in a live motocross competition happening simultaneously on the stage during the ceremony.

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