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So Insensitive: This Woman’s Boyfriend Didn’t Even Notice She Got A Brand New Mule

No romantic partner is perfect, but you’re going to cringe at this story of a significant other who totally biffed a super important moment: This woman’s boyfriend didn’t even notice that she got a brand new mule.

Seriously, dude? Pay a little more attention next time.

When 28-year-old Savannah came home this Saturday afternoon, she was excited to show her boyfriend Eric the 4-year-old mule she had purchased from an old man on the side of the road. But when Savannah walked the braying mule through the door, Eric immediately asked her whether she had remembered to pick up toilet paper, totally blind to the fact that she had a brand new horse-donkey hybrid in tow.

Yikes. Major mistake, man. That’s not how a caring boyfriend acts at all.

It’s absolutely embarrassing that Eric wouldn’t notice his girlfriend’s new mule. Just the week before, Savannah had been crying to Eric over how her old mule was too sick to pull its cart and she was going to have to shoot it and get a new one. But apparently Eric wasn’t paying any attention—because he clearly thinks the mule Savannah just led into the living room by a rope around its neck is the exact same one she had before.

What the hell! All she wanted was one little compliment about her new mule—is that so hard to figure out?

Eventually, Savannah had to ask Eric point-blank whether he noticed anything different about her, at which point he guessed that maybe she had gotten her nails done. When she finally pointed out the mule and asked, “What about that?” Eric was still perplexed, replying that he thought Savannah had been dragging that same mule around the day before. Then he dug himself in even deeper by commenting that he thought the mule looked a bit dirty, prompting Savannah to yell that she had paid $15 extra for the cleanest mule in the bunch and storm out of the room.

Woof, not good! It’s pretty clear that Savannah was hoping her boyfriend would have a big reaction to her brand new mule, but that’s clearly not happening. Maybe next time Eric will realize that she’s bought some new livestock before it’s too late!