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So Sweet! These 7,000 Ants Are Best Friends!

Animals are literally the cutest thing ever, and when they team up to become BFFs, it’s all the more adorable. That’s why this unstoppable animal group is so incredibly sweet: These 7,000 ants are best friends!


Yep, these thousands of common black ants are totally inseparable in the most adorable way possible. Not only did they spend a good portion of their lives building a little hill of sand together, but they also sleep and hang out there all the time—like a never-ending sleepover! And they follow each other everywhere, too. When one of the ants is crawling around inside a crack in the sidewalk or climbing up an old lady’s foot on a hot summer day, you can bet the other 6,900-plus will be there in an instant to hang out with him! We’re seriously tearing up just thinking about watching 10 or 20 of these perfect BFFs lifting up a huge leaf together. They love all the same activities, and they especially love doing them together!

This is friendship goals! Soooo cute!

There are tons of things that could keep these ants from wanting to be friends, like the fact that they’re pretty much all obsessed with the same enormous queen ant who they live to serve or the fact that, at any given moment, hundreds of them could be crushed to death and the rest would have to just go on like it never happened. But the ants don’t let that get to them: Instead, they spend all day picking up crumbs, bumping into each other at top speed as they scuttle all over the place, and letting the good times flow. Because that’s what friends are for, after all—enjoying life together!

This is probably the cutest animal friendship ever. We are obsessed with these 7,000 ants! Just look at that picture of them—they are toooooo adorable! D’aw!!!