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Someone’s Getting Fired! Some Hapless Bozo At This Opioid Company Accidentally Implemented A Business Model That Incentivizes Profit Over Public Safety

Oof. We wouldn’t want to be the clumsy Purdue Pharma employee responsible for this seriously major blunder right now, because they’re definitely about to get fired: Some hapless bozo at one of America’s biggest opioid manufacturers accidentally implemented a business model that incentivizes profit over public safety.

It’s tough to see Purdue making a comeback from a PR disaster as embarrassing as this.

By the time Purdue Pharma realized that it’d made the humiliating mistake of prioritizing its company’s bottom line over human lives due to an employee’s careless screwup, it was too late. The company had already raked in billions of dollars in profits selling highly addictive prescription opioids at the expense of the American public’s health. Every last Purdue executive has got to be in full-on damage-control mode after this careless oversight!

Although Purdue has announced that it’s taking steps to identify and properly discipline the buffoon responsible for mistakenly designing its marketing, distribution, and production operations to maximize revenue and increase its shareholders’ stock value even though it meant directly contributing to the explosive growth of opioid overdoses across the U.S., it may be a long time before this company’s reputation fully recovers.

A company as big as Purdue should be able to prevent goofs like this from happening. Just yikes.

It’s going to be pretty tough for Purdue Pharma to live down this big-time mess. You have to wonder how someone so incompetent that they unwittingly directed the pharmaceutical company’s resources into making billions of dollars selling deadly painkillers while turning a blind eye to the countless lives their product destroyed even got hired in the first place. Guess it’s safe to say whoever the lummox is that’s responsible for this blooper won’t be working in the pharmaceutical industry for much longer!