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Something Must Have Happened: This Woman With A Huge Engagement Ring Is Buying Single-Ply Toilet Paper

Well, this can’t be good.

When this woman walked into the grocery store sporting a massive, beautiful engagement ring on her finger, she looked to be on top of the world, until things took an unexpected turn: This woman wearing a huge engagement ring just put a pack of single-ply toilet paper into her shopping cart.

While the extent of the damage isn’t known yet, one thing is clear: Something definitely must have happened.

The giant engagement ring woman, who was just here last week filling her cart with expensive fresh produce, scented candles, and stainless steel kitchenware, is now pushing a cart filled with the single-ply toilet paper and three boxes of different shaped pastas and has spent the past three minutes staring blankly at a jar of queso blanco dip, her massive 4.8-carat diamond completely obscuring the words “Tortilla chips’ best friend!” printed on the label. With the woman wearing no makeup at all and her hair packed tightly under a baseball cap, clearly something significant has transpired in the life of this woman reaching for store-brand sodas with nail polish–chipped fingertips, who had floated through these very aisles only a few days ago, radiating throughout the entire store with her excited, glowing smile.

While something must have gone south for this woman over the last few days, there appears to be far more questions than answers. If it was as simple as a breakup, why keep wearing the ring? Could the fiancé have died or maybe lost all of their money? Is this a temporary bump in the road for her, or is this the way it’ll be from here on out? From the looks of this scene, whatever happened to this poor woman must’ve been pretty rough.

And if you’re still not convinced that something is awry, get this: The woman went so far as to sort through the display of $3 blank T-shirts for a solid five minutes, really seeming like she was about to buy a grocery store T-shirt while wearing an engagement ring straight out of a fairy tale. Then she headed over to the magazine aisle, flipped through an issue of Cosmo, looked at the price, and put it back on the shelf.

Huh. Well, whatever’s going on, here’s to hoping this woman can land on her feet and find a way out of what seems like some sort of big problem. We’re pulling for you!