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Sorry, We Got Nothin’: 0 Tips For Asking Your Boss For A Raise

Asking your boss for more money is a thorny subject, and, unfortunately, that’s the way it’s going to remain because we don’t have any tips or advice whatsoever to help bump your paycheck.

Look, we really tried to think of some tips for you. This list originally started as “10 Tips For Asking Your Boss For A Raise,” then when we couldn’t come up with any, we dropped it down to “3 Tips,” and finally settled on “0 Tips” when it was clear that this wasn’t a fruitful endeavor for us.

There are way too many variables at play here to even try giving you actionable advice. What kind of job do you have? Are you a good employee? Are you being paid less than you deserve? For all we know, you’re a bad employee and you deserve a lower salary than you have now. We don’t know you. We don’t know your whole situation.

If you think you should get paid more money, just politely tell your boss that and see what they say. I mean, that’s pretty obvious. You don’t need an online listicle to teach you common sense.

Maybe you have some tips for us. We’d love to get a raise, but have no idea how to ask for one. You think there’s good money in writing online content? Hah, we wish. If you know any advice we could use to ask our bosses for more money please email them to [email protected]. We’re in the same boat as you, friend.

Anyway, good luck with your request for a salary increase. Hope your boss says yes and it all works out for you. Sorry we couldn’t be any help this time.