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Spectacular News! Dad Finished The Book That’s Been On His Bedside Table For 23 Years

Here’s an exciting development that will brighten the day of anyone who knows Dad: Dad just finished the book that’s been on his bedside table for the past 23 years!

Way to go, Dad!

It was back in October 1996 when Dad first picked up John Grisham’s The Chamber, read three pages, and promptly tossed it aside to take a nap—marking the first day in what would be a decades-long journey with reading the novel. From that day forward, the book spent most of its time collecting dust on the bedside table, with Dad only digging back into it on rare occasions, such as during the family beach vacation of ’02 and the family beach vacation of ’04. But as the years went on, the baseball ticket he used as a bookmark kept advancing through the novel’s pages in barely perceptible increments until he finally announced today that he was done and that it was “overall pretty interesting.”

Wow! Finally!

Since finishing The Chamber, Dad has wasted no time moving the book from his nightstand to the bookshelf in the basement where he keeps a bunch of personal finance guides and home bike repair manuals from the early ’90s. While he still has yet to settle on a new book to spend the next two decades reading, it’ll be curious to see whether he goes for something familiar, like another Grisham book, or if he steps outside his comfort zone with something different, like a Tom Clancy book.

Whatever happens next, finishing a book is nonetheless a pretty awesome accomplishment for Dad, and everyone in the family is very proud of him. We hope you enjoyed the book, Dad!