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Spirit Of Easter: When These Parents Didn’t Have Enough Money To Get Their Kids Easter Baskets, Cadbury Gave Them The Go-Ahead On Twitter To Steal Candy From Walmart

If you haven’t already been feeling the joy and excitement of this year’s lead-up to Easter, you’re going to get into the spirit in a big way when you read this story: When these parents didn’t have enough money to get their kids Easter baskets, Cadbury gave them the go-ahead on Twitter to steal candy from Walmart.

Talk about a company with heart! Cadbury is clearly living out Christ’s teachings this Easter season.

Earlier this week, Jessica Benneker took to Twitter to lament an unfortunate situation: Her family was struggling financially, and she didn’t think that she and her husband would be able to afford Easter baskets for their two children. Luckily someone on the Cadbury social media team saw the heartbreaking tweet and wasted no time in letting Jessica know that it would be no skin off Cadbury’s back if she stole a few bags of its Creme Eggs from her local Walmart. Check out the awesome Twitter exchange below:

Well, if that doesn’t warm your heart, we don’t know what will. Needless to say, the Benneker kids are going to be having a pretty exciting Easter morning this year. Cheers to Cadbury for using social media to help out a family in need in a totally awesome way!