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Strut Your Stuff! This Woman Rocks A Two-Piece Bathing Suit At The Beach Despite Giving Birth Just Minutes Ago

Moms-to-be, if you’re afraid of what pregnancy is going to do to your body, here’s a little inspiration. A San Diego mom named Lynn Hedges is blowing minds everywhere after posting a jaw-dropping photo on her Instagram of herself rocking a two-piece bikini at the beach just minutes after giving birth.

What a total Goddess.

The mind-blowing unretouched photo of Lynn hitting the beach to strut her amazing post-baby bod in an itsy-bitsy two-piece nearly immediately after giving birth has already received thousands of likes and comments giving it up for this powerful woman who’s totally unafraid to go straight from the maternity ward to the seaside and let her unclipped umbilical cord hang all the way out.

Yeah, Lynn! Do your thing! You go girl!

Lynn didn’t let a few stretch marks and the fact that she hadn’t yet delivered the placenta stop her from wearing what she wanted to wear to the beach and sharing it with the world. We need more brave women like this showing the rest of us exactly how you sport a bikini just a couple of minutes after bringing life into the world, all despite having doctors chase her and trying to keep her IV bag from being pulled out.

Um, yeah. Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear bikinis.