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Such Is Life: Three Spaghetti Fails… And Two Spaghetti Wins!

Some days life gives you a spaghetti fail, and some days you get a spaghetti win. That’s just the way spaghetti goes…

No!!! Spaghetti does not belong on the floor…what an upsetting spaghetti fail. Of course, not every bowl of spaghetti is going to be a win, and that’s just part of life.

Now would you look at that! A big thing of gorgeous red and pasta. This is undeniably a spaghetti win. But would this spaghetti win taste as sweet without the preceding spaghetti fail? One thing’s for certain…you cannot separate the spaghetti win from the journey to get there.

God, this is horrible. This baby…he has been soured by spaghetti. He is ruined! Though the sight of this spaghetti fail is greatly upsetting, we must remember that it is the spaghetti fails that make us who we are. This child’s shame shall one day become his strength.

Oh, no. This spaghetti…it is frowning. This is truly a disaster. We cannot stop crying from looking at it…it is just too sad. It will weigh heavy on our hearts for the rest of our days. However, we must stay strong and carry on, for as we say in Italy, “Spaghetti fail or spaghetti win, either way it’s what’s for din.”

Hot damn, now THIS is a spaghetti win! Look how glad this huge child is! He is wheezing with joy because of the wonderful, wet spaghetti taste! A beautiful boy and his beautiful meal…it is spaghetti wins like this that make this crazy thing called life worth living. Bellissimo!