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Sun-Kissed Goddess! This Woman Is Rolling Up Her Sleeves And Turning Her Face To The Sun To Try To Get A Tan During Her 4-Minute Walk To The Grocery Store

Watch out, because there’s a radiant enchantress roaming the streets, and she’s not letting anyone get in the way of her shine: This woman is rolling up her sleeves and turning her face to the sun to try to get a tan during her four-minute walk to the grocery store!

Incredible! This sun-kissed goddess isn’t afraid to bare it all to get that glow!

From the moment she stepped out of her dark apartment and squinted as her eyes struggled to adjust to the bright sunshine, it was clear that this radiant queen would be spending the next eight minutes taking full advantage of everything the day’s clear blue skies had to offer. She wasted no time pushing up her sleeves and swinging her arms to guarantee that her skin would soak up as much sun as possible before it was time to head home from the grocery store and watch seven consecutive episodes of Schitt’s Creek on her laptop. Tilting her head toward the sun as she sauntered, it was as if she wasn’t on a city street at all, but instead on the dazzling shores of Mykonos, relaxing beside the sea and sipping an ice-cold cocktail.

Look how comfortable she is luxuriating in the light—it’s no surprise that she indulges in this quarter-mile stroll to the grocery store two times a week!

Although this luminous woman of summer arrived at the crosswalk by the store with five seconds left to make it across, she wisely chose to wait for the next light so she could spend the extra time basking in the warmth of a sunny patch of sidewalk, even extending her leg into the sunlight to make sure the two inches of ankle exposed by her cropped jeans could get tan, too. Checking the fruits of her labor in the mirror of a parked truck, she felt certain that her skin was a half-shade darker than it had been before she left, solidifying her conviction that there would be no need for her to leave her apartment for the rest of the weekend.

What a magnificent day! It’s safe to say that this woman’s quest for a brilliant tan won’t stop once she’s in the grocery store, as onlookers can expect to see the goddess let her arm linger for a couple seconds under the heat lamps as she reaches for the rotisserie chicken that she’ll eat for dinner the next three nights. No matter which aisles she chooses to walk down, one thing’s for sure: Her gorgeous, sun-dappled skin will be lighting up the whole place.