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Supporting The Arts: Vermont Is Offering A Tax Credit To Incentivize Indie Filmmakers To Stay The Fuck Out Of Its State With That Bootleg Duplass-Brothers-Rip-Off Bullshit

When young artists are just starting out in their career, funding for big projects can be hard to come by. Thankfully though, one state just launched a program this week to help: For anyone looking to make an indie film, Vermont is offering a tax credit to incentivize them to stay the fuck out of its state with that bootleg Duplass-brothers-rip-off bullshit.

Awesome! It looks like the state of Vermont is really making an effort to support the arts!

According to the program’s website, the tax credit is available to amateur filmmakers of all ages so long as they promise not to come to Vermont to film their boilerplate coming-of-age stories where everyone talks like they’re half asleep. So long as the writer, director, actors, and crew all promise to spare the residents of Vermont their mumblecore nonsense, the state will provide applicants with a $25,000 tax break. It’s the perfect way to encourage aspiring filmmakers to take their cookie-cutter manic pixie melodramas about feeling adrift after college and go film them literally anywhere else!

Amazing. The incentive is reportedly going to be available all year, and is perfect for encouraging independent filmmakers who might be looking to save some money to stay the fuck out of Vermont while they produce their paint-by-numbers, low-budget dark wedding comedy or some fucking midlife-crisis family road-trip drama where everyone piles into a big quirky van.

“The government of Vermont is proud to support budding filmmakers who want to make a movie where old friends take a camping trip and quietly realize that only one of them has grown up, and we’re proud to give them the financial incentive they need to keep their wannabe Richard Linklater passion projects the fuck out of Vermont’s scenic mountain ranges,” said representative Jeremy Graff, who heads the program. “Partnering with up-and-coming artists allows us a unique opportunity to ensure that if a movie has a name like John Vs. Tomorrow, it has the funds it needs to get made way outside the borders of the Green Mountain State.”

Absolutely incredible! It’s amazing to see a state government that’s willing to invest some money in the arts! Hopefully aspiring artists will take advantage of this program and make a bunch of projects with some fucking animated title sequence or xylophone score far away from Vermont sometime soon!