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The 11 Things We Thought Of In 11 Seconds

Eleven seconds. Eleven things we thought of. Here they are.

1. Tree

Pretty basic.

2. Lemon

All right.

3. Cat


4. Hitler

So, here’s the deal with this one. Eleven seconds isn’t a lot of time. You can’t filter your thoughts like you normally would. Hitler’s gotta be one of the more common things that come to mind in situations like this. Try not to read into it too much, okay?

5. Bigger Hitler


6. Someone, Anyone Other Than Hitler

Look, we don’t usually think about Hitler this much.

7. This guy.

There we go. We thought of this guy. Not Hitler.

8. Astronaut


9. This list.

Makes sense.

10. Strome

Just the first thing that popped into our head. Not sure what it means. Definitely not a word.

11. Jessie

Our friend Jessie.