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The 5 Best Games For Your Next Party

Who says you have to go out to have a great time? These party games can make any night fun, without costing much money!

1. Charades

Number of Players: 4-6

What You Need: 1 Charades Adjudicator

This classic party game is a fun and easy way to spend hours! Step one: Split into two teams. Step two: Find an adjudicator wandering around an abandoned convent. Each round, one player receives a secret word from the adjudicator and must act it out for their teammates to guess. The player is not allowed to speak or else the adjudicator will strike them down. If you get it right, your team earns a point. For every second you are unable to guess the answer, the adjudicator’s eyes will slowly turn black, and the consequences are dire! When the adjudicator’s eyes are pitch black, it’s the other team’s turn.

2. Lots O’ Letters

Number of Players: 4-6

What You Need: 100-5,000 Letters

A favorite at every gathering, nothing brings friends together like opening a big box of jumbled alphabet letters. There’s so much you can do with them. The letters are there, and it’s up to you to decide how to use them. The only limit is your imagination!

3. Tree

Number of Players: 4-6

What You Need: Just Yourselves

This game splits you and your friends into two teams: one larger group of woodcutters, and one or two trees posing as human in their midst. One person takes the role of impartial moderator and is the only person who knows the true allegiance of every player.

Gameplay is broken up into two phases: night and day. Every day, the players debate which of them is a tree and pick one player to “chop down” and eliminate from the game. At night, the trees remain motionless and silent and do nothing. The woodcutters win when the trees are all cut down and nature is destroyed. The trees cannot win, for they are plants and do not crave anything but sunshine, water, and soil, but if the humans kill themselves off, the trees exist forever and the game never ends.

4. Tron: Legacy

Number of Players: 4-6

What You Need: 1 Television, 1 Blu-Ray Player, 1 Copy Of Tron: Legacy

To set up the game, first turn on your television and change the input to your Blu-ray player. Insert the copy of Tron: Legacy and press the play button. Each player carefully watches the screen and keeps track of whatever they see and hear. Average game length is 127 minutes.

5. Great Big Guzzlers

Number of Players: 4-6

What You Need: 1 Shower, 1 Scale

Start the game by having each player remove their clothing and weigh themselves. Then everyone stands beneath the shower together, which sprays lukewarm water full blast. Players have one hour to drink as much water as they can, and then everyone weighs themselves again. Whoever gained the most weight wins! But remember, if you drink too much water and die, that’s an instant disqualification.

Now that you know these fun games, what are you going to play next? Tweet or comment with your party deets!