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The 9 Absolute Worst Moments To Start Feeling Hungry

Sudden hunger can strike at any time, but some times are admittedly worse than others. Here are the absolute worst moments to start feeling hungry.

1. While your boss, who kind of looks like a cake, berates you.

2. Right as you learn your new girlfriend’s father is a high-powered fasting lobbyist.

3. When you’re on the couch and your snacks are all the way over there.

4. During a high-speed police chase, where all the billboards seem to be advertising mouth-watering grilled chicken sandwiches.

5. While you’re throwing a huge tantrum about how you’re NOT hungry and you’ll NEVER feel hungry and food is STUPID and you’ll NEVER, EVER eat your dinner.

6. Just as the judges are arriving for your “Most Time Spent with Mouth Sewn Shut” Guinness World Record attempt.

7. Ten minutes after your luxury condominium complex’s rice pudding jacuzzi closes for the night.

8. After waiting two hours in line to see the premiere of Crab Cakes: The Movie.

9. After you’ve already eaten two bacon cheeseburger combo meals. What’s wrong with you?

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