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The Absolute Greatest Moments From Comic-Con 2014

This past weekend, more than 170,000 fans gathered in San Diego for a litany of exciting teaser trailers, industry announcements, A-list panels, and a celebration of all things geek! Here are the absolute best moments from this year’s Comic-Con.

Samuel L. Jackson showed up at the event wearing sunglasses, but you could totally tell it was him.

Discount travel junkies turned out in huge numbers to see spokesman William Shatner.

A room of about 20,000 people all abruptly started chanting “Dr. Who! Dr. Who!” continuously for about two hours for no reason. No cast members from Dr. Who showed up.

The Walking Dead showrunner Scott Gimple revealed that, due to a recent corporate partnership, the zombies on the show will now occasionally moan the word “Pepsi.”

DC revealed plans for expanded universe that includes you, the reader.

Dwayne The RockJohnson revealed that if anyone else is down, he could probably eat.

A bird got in!

Johns Hopkins researchers teased the 2014 melanoma statistics. The full report is currently scheduled for a Christmas release.

Marvel formally announced its intention to add ous to the end of its name.