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The Average Woman: This Anthropologist Blended Thousands Of Faces And One Horse To See What The Average American Woman Looks Like

The U.S. has long been a melting pot of all cultures, home to widely varied features, skin tones, and face shapes. All of these differences spurred one anthropologist, Dr. Milton Adler, to ask the question: “Just what does the average American woman plus one horse look like?” His result is breathtaking.

Wow. Nothing short of beautiful.

Dr. Adler and his team composited pictures of women from every part of the country and one horse to ensure that the final product was indicative of what the current American woman plus one horse looks like.

“I gathered images of white American women, black American women, Asian-American women, a horse, Latino-American women, and biracial American women,” Dr. Adler explained. “I wanted to truly capture the American woman as she exists in 2015, plus a single brown mare.”

Amazing. This image captures our diverse and constantly changing country!