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The Dangers Of Clean Energy: A Wind Turbine Popped This Man’s Brand-New Volleyball

Liberals like to talk a big game about so-called “clean energy,” but like any leftist fantasy, there’s a dark side they won’t tell you about. So while phrases “green technology” and “sustainability” might have a nice ring to them, stories like this one show just how dangerous those ideas can be. Case in point: A wind turbine just popped this man’s brand-new volleyball.

But you won’t see that on one of Al Gore’s little PowerPoints, will you?

Gene Reynolds had only owned his new Spalding volleyball for a matter of hours before tragedy struck. While breaking it in with some buddies in a field by a local wind farm, a stiff wind caught Gene’s volleyball in midair and carried it right into one of the pointy parts of a turbine. The volleyball was punctured instantly and plummeted to earth, limp and useless, destroyed by the same green energy solutions the Democrats blindly insist will save us.

Without a patch kit or bike pump, Gene’s entire afternoon of knocking the volleyball around was irrevocably shattered by that wind turbine. While he did have a soccer ball in his trunk, all his friends agreed that soccer balls are way too tough on the wrists to be fun to volley. And even though he still had the receipt in his pocket, and he was able to track down the very same Dick’s Sporting Goods employee who’d rung him up for the volleyball earlier that day, Gene was completely unable to get a refund or replacement for his gutted volleyball, leaving him out $40 and without a single volleyball.

If liberals get their way and put wind turbines in every town in America, just think of how many Saturday afternoons of light recreation will be ripped from hardworking Americans. But The New York Times is too busy pledging oaths of fealty to massive alternative energy corporations to publish about this volleyball carnage.

Still not convinced clean energy is a real threat? Here’s a thought experiment: If that same wind turbine was an enormous pile of coal, would Gene be in the same awful situation? Of course not. The volleyball would have just bounced right off.

So the next time a liberal starts insisting they know what’s best, you just tell them about what happened to Gene and his volleyball. It’ll shut them right up.