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The Sad State Of America’s Public Schools: This Teacher Isn’t Hot At All

America’s underfunded schools are failing our students worse than ever before. The proof is plain to see, but here’s a particularly appalling example of how far our education system has fallen into disrepair: Thirty-five-year-old Matthew Corver teaches math at a high school in St. Louis, and he isn’t hot at all.

Is this what American education has come to?

It’s certainly a grim outlook for our schools when kids are reduced to learning from a man whose hair doesn’t look like it’s ever been combed. It’s not even messy in a sexy way—it just looks bad. Mr. Corver is an embarrassingly far cry from the type of smoldering hunk that would be teaching at any proper high school.

Have all those decades of school reform really led us to Mr. Corver, a teacher who stands no chance of inspiring a sexual awakening in anyone? All while private schools are staffed with legions of hot teachers who would make a 90-year-old re-experience puberty just with a passing glance.

This is a disgrace. We need to understand that such a lack of standards has grave long-term consequences, and that if we don’t find a way to replace bottom-of-the-barrel eyesores like Mr. Corver soon, then we have some serious soul-searching to do as a country.