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The Saga Continues: J.K. Rowling Revealed That In The ‘Harry Potter’ Universe None Of The Magic Or Wizards Are Real And It’s All Just Hallucinated By J.K. Rowling Who Is Locked Up In An Insane Asylum

Harry Potter fans got an exciting treat this morning when J.K. Rowling took to Twitter to announce another incredible fact about the wizarding world. The bestselling author revealed that in the Harry Potter universe, none of the magic or wizards are real—they’re all being hallucinated by a fictional version of J.K. Rowling who is locked up in an insane asylum.

Amazing! Now we know that all our favorite Potter characters are just figments born from J.K. Rowling’s deranged insanity!

In a Twitter thread, Rowling explained the fascinating tidbit of Potter lore:

Awesome! The world of Harry Potter just keeps getting richer and deeper! You can bet that Harry Potter fans around the globe are going to be totally enraptured by this awesome new insight about the books. J.K. Rowling, thank you for sharing more incredible secrets about the magical story we all love so much!