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The U.S. Army Has Mistakenly Declared War On Wakanda 17 Times: Everything You Need To Know About ‘Black Panther’

After decades of Marvel movies without a black superhero as the star, Black Panther is already setting the new standard for what it means to be a superhero of color in a genre that so often relegates them to the role of sidekick. From its comic book origins to its insanely talented cast, here’s everything you need to know about Black Panther before its premiere.

1. After working together on Creed, director Ryan Coogler and actor Michael B. Jordan teamed up again on Black Panther as an excuse to hang out without Sylvester Stallone there constantly asking them how they think Rocky should die.

2. The soundtrack, curated by Kendrick Lamar, has received some criticism due to Lamar mistakenly referencing on every track that the Black Panther’s only superpower is running up and down the stairs without using the railing.

3. The U.S. Army has mistakenly declared war on Black Panther’s home, the fictional African nation of Wakanda, 17 times.

4. Marvel tapped the expertise of legendary Planet Of The Apes actor Andy Serkis for the role of Black Panther’s archnemesis, a bigass pregnant ape who can read just enough English to navigate a mall directory.

5. Some early reviews have criticized the film’s prominent product placement, including a $75 million scene in which T’Challa says, “This isn’t from a Keurig,” after he kills someone with a single-use chai cartridge.

6. In order to maximize the post-credits sequences that audiences have come to expect from the MCU, Black Panther begins with the end credits and splices the entire movie throughout.

7. After feedback from early screenings, Ryan Coogler delayed the release of Black Panther so he could edit out the scenes of the Black Panther practicing the clarinet with Woody Allen.