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There Are Thousands Of Photos Of Zac Efron On The Internet But Perhaps Today We Can Find Ourselves Satisfied With These 8

Let us be grateful for the gifts we are given.

1. The internet, in all of its endless bounty, is home to thousands of photos of Zac Efron. In this sacred moment, however, take a breath, and cherish these eight photos that have been placed in front of you.

2. It would be a lie to say that the world is not filled with limitless temptations, yet today, in the here and now, we may find ourselves satisfied with but a few simple pleasures.

3. There may not be a photo of Zac Efron at the beach on this list, but take a moment to reflect: Do you really need to see a picture of him running through the surf at this very second, even though it would be very easy to do so? You might just find that this picture is more than enough.

4. If this photo of Zac Efron does not satisfy you, what makes you think that any of the thousands of other photos of him would? Does our wanton greed not only expand the more we feed it? Who are we if not monsters of greed, children of want?

5. Look at this photo and really lose yourself in it—right now, in this very moment. Tomorrow, you can go back to the endless scroll of a Zac Efron Google image search if you so choose. But for now, just be here with this one.

6. Every photo is a gift. Every gift must be cherished.

7. For he who is not satisfied with a little is satisfied with nothing.

8. May all eight of these Zac Efron gifts hold a place in your heart forever, and may you never want for more.