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These Wrestlers Look Absolutely Flawless With Or Without Their Masks

Just as beautiful with a mask or without, these stunning wrestlers prove they have nothing to hide.

1. Masked or unmasked, Vader never fails to take our breath away.

2. True, his mask is part of what makes him so irresistibly alluring, but when his face is bare, Rey Mysterio is beyond captivating.

3. We certainly won’t complain if Mankind binds his face with rough-hewn, metal-studded leather straps, but we think the face underneath is just as beautiful.

4. What’s not to admire about Golga? He’s not ashamed of his natural body type, and he’s got no problem peeling off his mask and dazzling us with those striking, honest eyes.

5. We can all agree that Abyss looks flawless in his mask, but how about without it? Consensus: perfection.

6. Kane claims he was born in the fires of hell, but we think he looks absolutely heavenly whether wearing a mask or not.

7. Neither the ring nor society’s standards for beauty can contain the Último Dragón.