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They Don’t Age! Can You Tell These Celebrities And Their Younger Selves Apart?

These lucky celebs seem to stay young forever! See if you can figure out which photo is from this year and which one was taken in their younger days.

1. Rob Lowe

The Parks And Recreation star hasn’t aged a day! There’s practically no way to tell these photos apart.

2. Paul Rudd

Which one is the old Paul Rudd and which one is the old Paul Rudd? We’re stumped.

3. Alicia Silverstone

We’re totally “clueless” about which Alicia is younger.

4. Keanu Reeves

Ten years apart and nary a gray hair…you’d have to be Neo to tell us which Keanu is the older “One”!

5. Jennifer Aniston

Talk about a timeless beauty! Even Jennifer’s closest “friends” couldn’t figure out which photo is which!

6. Pharrell Williams

The only way you’re going to solve this one is if you “get lucky.”

7. Elijah Wood

Was Frodo looking for Mount Doom or the Fountain of Youth? This is too hard—I give up!