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This 14-Year-Old Is Already Graduating College With A Physics Degree, And Her 15-Year-Old Brother Is Just The Sweetest Boy And We’re Very Proud Of Him As Well

Now here’s a story you don’t see every day.

Alicia Cunningham is only 14 years old, but she has already accomplished more than many adults. At the age of 11, Alicia was admitted into Harvard University on a full scholarship, and just three years later, the teenage genius has already graduated with a degree in physics. And her 15-year-old brother, Kyle, is just the sweetest boy, and everyone is very proud of him as well.

Alicia earned a perfect 4.0 while taking an impressive course load, flying through her course work to graduate with the university’s highest honors. And Kyle is growing up to be such a handsome young man, just like his father. He’s such a delight to be around, and he’s got a killer attitude. He’s a real go-getter!

Kyle may not have worked closely with a leading scholar of particle physics at Harvard like Alicia did, making key contributions to the advancement of the field; but he did manage to land a roster spot on the JV lacrosse team this year, and if you know Kyle, you know how hard he had to work for that. He even made the ensemble in the Guys And Dolls production. Can you believe that? He didn’t even tell us he was auditioning—he just came home and announced that he’d gotten the part. What a superstar!

From a young age, it was always clear that Alicia was incredibly gifted. She was speaking in full sentences at just 7 months old, and began teaching herself algebra at the age of 3. But don’t forget about Kyle, who was such a cute little boy, so sweet to his grandparents and so gentle with animals. He was always making so many drawings, we thought maybe he’d be an artist! What ever happened to those? He should get back into that.

As for the future, Alicia has plans to attend a graduate program at UC Berkeley in the fall, where she will complete her Ph.D. in astrophysics. And Kyle’s going to be working really hard with his math tutor this summer, and we’re hoping to see an improvement on those PSATs. He hasn’t quite found his direction yet, but he’s still got time to figure it all out. He’s a real sweetheart and a great big brother to Alicia, and we could not be more proud of the gracious young man he is turning into.

Way to be, Kyle!