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This Amazing New Anti-Bullying Campaign Reminds Kids That Even Though Bullying Might Be Fun, Rewarding, And Cool, It Can Sometimes Make You Tired

Bullying has long run rampant in American schools, but this important PSA campaign from the Ad Council will hopefully make kids think twice before terrorizing their classmates: This amazing new anti-bullying campaign reminds kids that even though bullying might be fun, rewarding, and cool, it can sometimes make you tired.

This is beyond awesome! Bullies need to be aware that their actions have consequences, and this campaign looks like it is sending that message loud and clear.

The Ad Council put out the series of print and video PSAs earlier this week in an attempt to expose the fact that the many rewards that come with bullying are often outweighed by the cost of how physically and mentally tiring it can be.

In one of the powerful video PSAs, movie producer Judd Apatow and actress Emma Stone stand in a high school hallway and look straight into the camera. “Making weak nerds feel like shit gives you an incredible rush — there’s no better way to prove that you’re the strongest, coolest person in the room,” Apatow says somberly. “But is the unparalleled thrill of bullying worth exhausting yourself?” Stone asks. “It isn’t. Don’t let systematically harassing the losers in your class tire you out so much that you can’t live your life. Quit bullying.”

Awesome! These hard-hitting messages will hopefully strike a chord with some of the bullies out there and encourage them to change.

The campaign’s print ads are just as compelling:

Wow. Truly incredible. This PSA campaign has the potential to make a real difference for kids across the country. Kudos to the Ad Council for their incredible work!