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This Artist Reimagined ‘Game Of Thrones’ Characters As Babies But Unfortunately Uses Them To Protest Abortion Rights

Ever wonder what your favorite Game Of Thrones characters would look like as babies? Get ready to squeal with joy, if you can avoid looking at the heavy-handed pro-life rhetoric surrounding them!

1. One artist drew Game Of Thrones characters as babies, and they’re awesomely adorable. The anti-abortion messages are a bit of a bummer, but if you just focus on the artwork, you’ll have a good time.

2. Imagine that baby Robb Stark is holding a sign that says “Naptime Is Coming” and this drawing is a lot more fun.

3. If the drawing of the abortion doctor bothers you, maybe try photoshopping a Game Of Thrones bad guy like Joffrey over him? That would definitely improve this drawing. Ideally, you would draw Joffrey as a baby, but we know that’s hard to do, so we won’t blame you if you just use a screenshot from the TV show. Not everyone can draw as well as the amazingly talented, incredibly anti-abortion artist who made this.

4. The anti-abortion message kind of dominates this one, which is a shame because this could have been a fantastic drawing. Seeing baby Tyrion is still super cute, but the drawing would have been even better if it stuck to Game Of Thrones and left politics out of it.

5. These cute drawings will put a smile on your face, if you just squint your eyes enough to block out the intense political views. Make sure to share this with any friends who are Game Of Thrones fans and won’t mind the abortion stuff too much.