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This Incredible Comic Perfectly Captures What It Would Look Like If An Alligator Wore A Bow Tie

It can be a struggle to explain what an alligator would look like if it were wearing a bow tie. How do you find the right words to describe a gator that’s dressed to impress and ready for a night on the town?

Misguided friends and family who think they understand might spout well-meaning assumptions like “an alligator would look pretty nice in a bow tie,” but this is a gross simplification of how elegant and refined a bow-tie-wearing alligator would be.

Fortunately, an artist drew this amazing cartoon you can use to explain how an alligator would look in a bow tie. Talk about a truth bomb. In one image, the comic perfectly depicts what an alligator in a bow tie would look like.

A mere description could never fully convey the appearance of a fancy alligator that’s wearing a bow tie, and this drawing distills it all down to a single, incisive, illuminating panel. If you ever meet someone who’s confused what a bow-tie-wearing alligator would look like, this comic will instantly open their eyes.

Mic freaking dropped.