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This Is Only Our First Draft Of The List ‘5 Common Birds That Are Actually Pretty Cool’ So Any Notes You Have Would Be Greatly Appreciated

We’re still working on this list, “5 Common Birds That Are Actually Pretty Cool,” so if you’ve got any feedback on how it’s coming, that would be great.

1. There’s a good chance you’re no stranger to blue jays, but their bright blue coloring will make you do a double-take every time!

So, we’re feeling pretty good about kicking this off with a blue jay, but is it a stretch to say they’d make you do a double-take? They’re cool, but is that really believable? Kinja comments are enabled, so just sound off below to let us know what you think! And be totally honest—any notes you give will help us get a sense of how this list is working.

2. Just because you can find a rock pigeon in your backyard doesn’t mean it’s not totally rad

Do you like this picture of the pigeon? Pigeons are definitely a harder sell than blue jays, so we tried to pick one that looked the coolest. We have some other options we can license from Getty for the final, but we’ll keep this one if you like it.

3. TK BIRD is even awesome as eggs!

Alright, we know this one’s a mess. We want to do one with eggs, but we’re still trying to figure out which bird to use. Guess it also doesn’t make a ton of sense to say that a bird is “awesome as eggs.” If you’ve got any ideas on what we should do here, that’d be great, but otherwise we’re probably just going to scrap this one. Maybe it can just be a list of four.

4. The common loon can stay underwater for up to 15 minutes. If you ask us, those swimming skills are anyting but common!

It’s weird that we say “common” twice there, right? Also, yes, we know about the typo. It should say “anything.” We don’t do our copy edits until after the final draft gets approved by our editor, so we’re not really worried about any minor errors in spelling or grammar at the moment. We’re just focused on nailing down the basic outline of the article for now. By the way, do you like this font? We don’t get a ton of options on our CMS, but we could make it larger or in italics, if you’d prefer that.

5. The barn owl is indigenous to all of North America, and we are here for it! Hoot hoot!

The website where we’re getting our bird facts said that owls are found everywhere, but come to think of it, we haven’t ever seen one. Do owls even count as common birds? We can definitely swap this out for a robin or sparrow or something if not. Whatever you think. We’d really like to end it on “hoot hoot,” though.