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Tips For Crafting The Perfect Email Subject Line

First impressions are everything in email, and without a strong subject line, your message might get ignored or sent straight to spam. Here are some helpful tips to make sure your email stands out in the inbox.

1. Start your subject line with “GOOD EMAIL”: People rarely want to read a bad email, so make sure to say the email is good right off the bat.

2. Don’t include too many A’s: It’s tempting to write out “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,” but usually just four or five of them will suffice.

3. Always include “Regarding The Position”: This is especially important for job seekers, but even if you’re writing a personal email it’s worth adding just in case the recipient knows about a good job somewhere.

4. If you love the recipient, just come out and say it: It’s not easy to write “I Love You” in the subject line, but it’s a risk you’ve got to take. Even if you get rejected, at least you won’t spend the rest of your life wondering what could have been.

5. Bosses love sea life facts: It can be intimidating to write to your boss, but don’t worry. If you know any good facts about ocean trenches or weird fish, throw them in the subject line, and your boss will give you a promotion.

6. Don’t take a stand on Jeremy Piven either way: Some people love the Entourage actor; others find him annoying. Best to avoid any messy drama and leave him out of your subject line entirely.

7. Write the email address again: Usually, putting the email address in the “To” line is enough, but put it in the subject line also just to be safe.

8. For urgent emails, write “I HAVE YOUR DAUGHTER”: This is guaranteed to get the attention of any recipient with a daughter. But first, do your research to make sure they have a daughter. If they don’t have a daughter, instead write, “YOU HAVE A DAUGHTER.”

9. Add some beautiful words: Nobody is going to click on your email unless the subject line has some nice words like “pheasant,” “downpour,” and “schist.”

10. Include one of these babies ¿ in every subject line: Even if your subject is not a question, people are going to write back to ask how you typed that.

Now that we have all that information, let’s put it to the test and see if we can improve this subject line:

It’s all right, but we can do better. Compare it to this one:

Much better! Now show us what you got. Try crafting your own perfect email subject line and send it our way!