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Total Prodigy: This 7-Year-Old Can Recite Every Reason His Aunt And Uncle Are Getting Divorced

Here’s something that will truly astonish you.

While there are many precocious children with intellectual gifts beyond their years, it’s exceedingly rare to discover a child with such a transcendently brilliant mind as Logan Jacobson. Though just 7 years old, Logan has the savant-like capacity to recite every single reason his Aunt Polly and Uncle Jerry are getting divorced.

Wow. That is seriously some Einstein-caliber genius.

Despite being far too young to begin to grasp concepts such as “trouble in the bedroom” and “Jerry won’t go to counseling,” Logan can rattle off every last cause for the divorce, starting with Uncle Jerry getting laid off up until the last straw when Jerry found something bad on Aunt Polly’s phone. Even more incredible, after rattling off all 37 reasons for the separation with encyclopedic recall, Logan can even go on to list all of the arrangements for the divorce from the custody split to who’s getting the Corolla.

Talk about a wunderkind!

There is no existing scientific explanation for how the brain of a child so young can systematically process and categorize all of the details of something as complicated as Polly and Jerry’s divorce, but it seems like it’s second nature for Logan, who, even when playing Legos alone in his bedroom, can be overheard reciting heated word-for-word arguments Uncle Jerry and Aunt Polly had at this year’s family lake-house trip with mind-boggling accuracy. Being able to precisely recount all of the drama behind a divorce this messy is an astounding cerebral feat that would be nearly impossible for an adult, much less a 7-year-old boy.

Amazing. If this is what Logan is capable of now, we can’t wait to see how his savant-like abilities continue to grow and develop in the years to come!