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Totally Embarrassing: This Woman Forgot To Bring Her Monocle To Her Tap Class, And Now She Looks Like A Fool With Just Her Top Hat And Cane

Brace yourself, because the story currently unfolding at the Twin Cities Dance Studio will probably give you some serious secondhand embarrassment: This woman forgot to bring her monocle to her tap class, and now she looks like a fool with just her top hat and cane.

Yikes. What an absolutely humiliating situation. This is the kind of thing you hate to see.

As soon as she finished changing into her leotard and tights, 31-year-old Maria Kapresi realized that she’d forgotten to pack her monocle in her gym bag and began hastily asking her classmates if anyone had a spare, knowing full well that any serious tap dancer would only have a custom-fitted monocle from a speciality shop. When Maria finally walked into the studio for Intermediate Tap, she kept her head down, clearly trying to hide from the sheer humiliation of being the only dumbass in a room of 30 people with just a top hat and cane, not a top hat, cane, and monocle.

Although Maria was still able to perform the steps along with the rest of the class, without a monocle to complete her ensemble, she looked completely idiotic tossing her cane in the air while doing a sideways box-step, and she stuck out like a sore thumb compared to her classmates whose addition of a monocle made their dance moves look graceful and effortless. While she tried her best to dance as if nothing was wrong, there was just no way to make winking and tipping her hat at the end of “Swing, Swing, Swing” look anywhere near as awesome as it would have if she had been wearing a monocle.

This is hard to watch. Typically, it looks incredible to see an adult kicking her legs rhythmically to the beat of “Send In The Clowns,” but Maria looks like a total moron without her monocle.

Yikes. It definitely would’ve been less embarrassing if Maria had just faked sick and left after realizing that she left her monocle on its resting pillow back home. Here’s hoping that she remembers to bring her monocle next time—that is, assuming she finds the confidence to even show her face in tap class again.