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Tremendous: This Baby Has Acquired A Sword Somehow

Come, gather ’round! There is wondrous news to share, and that news is this: This baby has acquired a sword! We don’t know how the baby got it, but the blade looks sharp and keen, and we could not be more excited.

Fantastic! A sword!

If you’re a fan of both babies and swords, then it is simply spectacular to see them together at last! The baby is waving the sword over her head and cooing happily, and it is an uplifting scene to behold. She enjoys having a weapon!

Whether this baby found the sword on her own or someone gave it to her is still unknown, but it is nonetheless pleasing to discover that there is a baby who has by some means acquired a sword. The sword is her most-treasured possession!

Huzzah! Huzzah! The Lord is smiling down upon us all!

Thank you, sword. Thank you, baby. What a marvelous occasion this is! It doesn’t matter how this baby acquired a sword, it’s just magnificent that it happened. This has been an auspicious day, an auspicious day indeed!