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Unappreciated Greatness: An Incognito Ron Jeremy Masturbated In Grand Central Station For 2 Hours And Nobody Stopped To Watch

Here’s a story that proves that people are too often absorbed in the daily grind to appreciate the extraordinary things around them. Earlier this week, an incognito Ron Jeremy masturbated in Grand Central Station for two hours and nobody stopped to watch.

Wow, this truly speaks volumes about the world we live in.

Wearing a baseball cap and dark sunglasses to remain discreet, Jeremy positioned himself in a well-trafficked area in the train station, pulled out his 9-inch penis, and went to town using a series of masterful strokes and masturbatory techniques, only to go largely unnoticed by hundreds of oblivious commuters walking right past. While some people are willing to shell out $19.99 a month for website subscriptions to watch Jeremy perform sexually, on this day he was treated like just another nobody trying to make a few bucks, despite his incredible ability to remain hard for two hours and ejaculate on command—something only a handful of people on this planet are capable of doing.

As the Super Hornio Brothers star’s rhythmic whacking and audible moans echoed throughout Grand Central, virtually no one paused to gaze upon the brilliance happening in front of them, as people were more focused on whatever was happening on their iPhones or rushing to make their trains. When Jeremy, after two hours of being ignored, finally zipped up his pants and called it a day, he walked away with a measly $4 in tips, an infinitesimal sum compared to the massive paydays his services usually command for the average porno shoot.

Hopefully this story serves as a lesson to stop and admire the world around you, because if people won’t even pause and appreciate one of pornography’s all-time greats yukking his pud up close in public, then what other remarkable things might they be missing out on?