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Unbelievable: This Guy Looks So Much Like Danny

Okay, you’ve gotta see this, because it is actually insane. Doesn’t this guy look so much like Danny?

Crazy, right?

This guy is the spitting image of Danny. It’s kind of freaky, man. Everything about him. The ears too. Be honest: If this guy came over here and started talking to you, wouldn’t you totally think it was Danny? That’s how much he looks like him! Danny even owns a shirt just like that!

What the fuck, dude. What. The. FUCK.

He even kind of sounds like Danny a little bit. Holy shit, that’s bizarre. Truly bizarre. You gotta wonder if they’re distantly related or something. How else do you explain that resemblance? This is Danny’s clone we’re looking at.

Okay, his laugh’s a little bit different. Danny’s got that high-pitched cackle. With this guy, it seems like it’s more of a low chuckle. Still, pretty close. Seriously, man, they have the same fucking face! Hair and everything. Look at him!

Unbelievable. Wait till Danny hears about this. Bet he’ll get a kick out of it.

Mind = Blown.