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Unsung Hero: Meet The U.S. Marine In Charge Of Covering The President With A Tarp When It Rains

While all of our military servicemen and servicewomen deserve our utmost respect for the difficult jobs they do, there are many soldiers who will sadly never get the public show of thanks they deserve. One such soldier is Marine Sgt. Martin Hemsworth. The job he performs unwaveringly for our country every day? Protecting the president from getting wet by draping a tarp over him when it rains.

That’s right. Martin follows the president wherever he goes, and at even the slightest sign of rain, proceeds to unfurl a large tarp and place it over him. “I cover him with it, take it off when it’s done raining, and then fold it up until next time,” said Martin. “It doesn’t matter if it’s a light drizzle or a torrential downpour—if there’s water falling on the president, it’s my job to make sure he’s covered by the tarp.”

Martin began this assignment after finishing his third tour of duty in Afghanistan. He wanted to continue serving his country in any way he could, and when he heard there was a position that would put him by the president’s side on a daily basis, he knew it was the perfect way to keep honoring his commitment to the United States.

“It’s my duty,” Martin added. “Of course, I wish it were dry every day, but whenever I’m needed, I’m ready with the tarp.”

Incredible. A spotless record of service. While Hollywood probably won’t be making Martin’s story into the next American Sniper anytime soon, we should be saluting him for his service all the same.