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Vulnerability Win: Selena Gomez Just Opened Up About John Goodman’s Struggles With Obesity In A Beautiful Instagram Post

Get ready to feel inspired, because one of the biggest pop stars on the planet is using her platform to make an important and powerful statement on body image: Selena Gomez just opened up in a beautiful Instagram post about John Goodman’s struggles with obesity.

Wow. It undoubtedly took a lot of courage for her to bare Goodman’s pain to the world like that.

Early yesterday evening, Gomez shook the internet with her raw, heartbreaking account of the trauma Goodman silently lived with for decades:

In the day since she made the post, thousands of Instagram users have replied to thank Gomez for coming forward with her harrowing account of Goodman’s journey towards self-acceptance. There’s still work to be done, but having a celebrity with huge social media visibility talk openly and honestly about John Goodman’s personal experiences with obesity will go a long way toward normalizing these kinds of conversations for the rest of us. A world in which no one is made to feel ashamed of their body is possible, and Gomez’s amazing bravery in opening herself up to talk candidly about John Goodman’s pain has brought us one step closer to seeing that world become reality.

Selena, our hats are off to you. Thank you for being strong enough to share this story with the world!