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We Asked 22 Limo Drivers About The Worst Time Someone Got Sucked Out Of Their Car After Opening The Sunroof

Twenty-two limo drivers. One question: What was the worst time someone got sucked out of your sunroof?

1. Chris Culvert – “No one’s ever been sucked out of my sunroof.”

2. John Louis Head – “I don’t understand. Like, from wind?”

3. Alvin Herrera – “That doesn’t happen.”

4. Carlo Francisco – “Sucked out? How?”

5. Neil Fischman Jr. – “Is that even possible?”

6. Peter Gant – “That’s never happened to me personally, though I haven’t been driving that long.”

7. Grant Jarrod – “Teens, headed to prom. One after another they went, each clinging to the ankle of the next, screaming to me, to their mothers, to God to save them. I try to roll down the partition, but it’s going so slowly. Too slowly. Then they’re gone. It’s silent. The light finally turns green. What could I do? I kept driving.”

8. Alan Tiernan – “Did that happen to someone? I haven’t heard about this.”

9. Andrew Modell – “Wait, what?”

10. Ray Madoff – “The button’s broken, so I actually can’t open it up.”

11. Bruce Halperin – “I’m sorry, maybe I just don’t understand.”

12. Rylan Bollan – “Will fucking Smith, on the way to the MTV Movie Awards back in 2006. One second, you’re driving, and everything’s fine; the next, the Fresh Prince is flying out of your stretch limo. Somehow, he ended up on the red carpet, and I never heard anything else about it. I wasn’t about to go asking any questions.”

13. Cal Hirsch – “I wouldn’t still be a working driver if anyone had.”

14. Avi Sarkar – “I don’t start the car until everyone’s wearing seatbelts. Some drivers are lax about that, but not me.”

15. Jonah Birnboim – “Never happened. Sorry.”

16. Ed Ives – “The only way I can describe it is, the whole interior of the limo was pulled inside-out through the sunroof like a starfish extruding its stomach. Wheels and all. On the highway, too.”

17. Mark Lowell – “I’m sorry, that’s not something I’m familiar with happening.”

18. Colton Raithel – “What are you talking about?”

19. Paresh Arvind – “I once opened the sunroof and Will Smith fell in through it, but I’m not sure that counts.”

20. Gabriel Price – “I drive pretty safe, so….”

21. Mike Abbott – “I don’t understand?”

22. Paul Zucker – “My passengers stay put.”