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We Asked 22 Pilots Where Skydivers Go When They Jump Out Of The Airplane

Twenty-two pilots. One simple question: “Where do skydivers go when they jump out of the airplane?”

1. Jared Milken – “I don’t know.”

2. Tyler Schwartz – “Not sure.”

3. Melissa Avery – “Haven’t thought about that.”

4. Caroline Miller – “I don’t know the answer to that.”

5. George Rhine – “Don’t know.”

6. Philip Cross – “It’s funny, I’ve always wondered about that, but I’ve never figured it out.”

7. Shane Lowell – “They parachute to the ground.”

8. Jake Mayer – “Sorry, but I don’t know.”

9. Paul Radkin – “I’m not sure.”

10. Fiona Steinberg – “Heaven.”

11. Alan Sanchez – “They go to heaven.”

12. Grant Hazer – “Either heaven or hell.”

13. Dylan Lean – “Don’t know.”

14. Morgan Ferris – “I wish I could help you, but I don’t know the answer to that.”

15. Joseph Lee – “Look, all I know is they’re there when I take off and they’re gone when I land. It’s kind of creepy, actually.”

16. Cody Burdett – “No idea.”

17. Peter Samuels – “I wish I knew.”

18. Daryl Hatchett – “Sorry, I don’t know.”

19. Elizabeth Fain – “They land on the ground, right?”

20. Bob Chambers – “I don’t know.”

21. Adam Plymouth – “The backpacked freaks who are always jumping out of my plane go straight to hell.”

22. Duane Fisher – “I’m not sure.”