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We Asked Bob Costas 22 Times ‘What’s Next For Bob Costas?’

The legendary sportscaster opens up!

1. “So, what’s next for Bob Costas?”

“Well, baseball season is right around the corner and I cannot wait for this year. I’m a lifelong fan, and this will be my 18th year that I’ve had the privilege of calling games. You’d think the excitement would go away after all this time, but every year I’m just as giddy as I was when I was 8 years old.”

2. “What’s next for Bob Costas?”

“Like I said, baseball is coming up, and then we’re also making preparations for the Olympics in 2016. I’m excited for that, too, although I’m starting to get a little bit nervous Rio won’t have everything ready to go in time for the Opening Ceremony.”

3. “What’s next for Bob Costas?”

“Um…besides baseball and the Olympics, there are always plenty of little projects and engagements that are filling my schedule. I’ll be giving a lecture at Syracuse—my alma mater—later this month, and then I’ll be giving the keynote speech at a leadership conference in Las Vegas in a couple of weeks.”

4. “What’s next for Bob Costas?”

“Ha! Really drilling me on this one, aren’t you? Well, I’ve got two adult children now who are starting careers of their own, and I’m doing my best to cheer them on from the sidelines without completely overwhelming them. And though having the house so quiet has taken some getting used to, my wife, Jill, and I have really been enjoying being empty nesters.”

5. “What’s next for Bob Costas?”

“Okay…I get the sense you’re fishing for something here. But my assistant will back me up here when I say that I hardly even know what I’m doing today, let alone in the near future. Seems like the older I get, the less I know what I’m doing.”

6. “What’s next for Bob Costas?”

“Gotta admit, I’m a little bit confused about what you’re asking me. When you say ‘What’s next?’ do you mean this year? This month? Five minutes from now?”

7. “What’s next for Bob Costas?”

“It’d be great if you could give me a little more to work with here.”

8. “What’s next for Bob Costas?”

“Do you have any other questions you’d like to ask? I’d be happy to talk about anything—my career, my philanthropy, my hobbies.”

9. “And what’s next for Bob Costas?”

“You know, I’ve been interviewing people professionally for over 40 years now—since I was a kid, basically—and there are still some days when I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. It gets easier, but it’s never easy.”

10. “What’s next for Bob Costas?”

“Hmm, really not sure what you want me to say.”

11. “What’s next for Bob Costas?”

“Well, ideally a new question. I would love to start moving along this discussion.”

12. “What’s next for Bob Costas?”

“I’ve told you what’s next. Numerous times. Now, maybe we could take five, you go get some water, and then we sit back down and try this again?”

13. “What’s next for Bob Costas?”

“Sorry, I’m trying to be as helpful and patient as I can here, but you’re not making this easy.”

14. “What’s next for Bob Costas?”

“I’m not going to answer this question anymore. Let’s move on.”

15. “What’s next for Bob Costas?”

“Again, I think I’ve answered this question as thoroughly as could be reasonably expected. I have nothing else to say.”

16. “What’s next for Bob Costas?”


17. “What’s next for Bob Costas?”


18. “What’s next for Bob Costas?”

“I don’t know what to…why are you doing this?”

19. “What’s next for Bob Costas?”

“I’ve been working on my memoirs. Just a few pages here and there, but I think I’ve had a lot of unique and interesting experiences that would be worth sharing in a book one day.”

20. “What’s next for Bob Costas?”

“Please stop this….”

21. “What’s next for Bob Costas?”


22. “What’s next for Bob Costas?”

“I don’t know what else to say. I really don’t. Thank you for having me.”