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We Know It Ain’t Much, But We’d Be Much Obliged If You’d Accept These Meager Few Pictures Of Centaur Shailene Woodley

Pardon there, reader. Couldn’t help but notice you were enjoyin’ our website. Lookin’ around, n’ clickin’, n’ readin’, n’ sharing. Awful kind of ya. Awful kind. Now, it ain’t nothin’ fancy, but we’d be much obliged if you accepted these here coupl’er photos of centaur Shailene Woodley. Jus’ a simple token of our ‘ppreciation, s’all. 

We know, we know. It’s a mighty humble offering, considerin’ how generous you been, giving our lil’ ol’ website here yer time and attention. Hell, if we had a hundert photos of Shailene Woodley as a centaur, we’d give ya the whole lot of ‘em. Times jus’ been hard in digital media, s’all. Real hard. Only got these scant few fer now, but know these centaur Shailene’s are from the bottom o’ our heart. 

Helluva thing you done for us, engagin’ with our page n’ our content all these years. Rare to encounter such kindness from strangers on the innernet nowadays. Least we can do is offer ya these handful o’ centaur Shailenes. We worked real hard on ’em—even put antlers on Missus Woodley in this one here. Sure hope you enjoy it.

See that there lil’ Aaron Rodgers on centaur Shailene’s back? Really somethin’, huh? We wouldn’t give a centaur Shailene like this to just any ol’ person. Saved it for an occasion like this, to let someone special like yerself know just how much ya mean to us, n’ how thankful we are for ya, n’ all yer gen’rous comments n’ favs n’ shares. Wish we had more to offer, God knows y’all deserve all the centaur Shailenes in the world and then some. Don’t be afraid to come back to our page n’ say hi every now n’ then, y’hear? Yer welcome ‘round these parts anytime.