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Welcome To ClickHole’s At-Home Dance Fitness Program! Follow Along To Get Your Groove On!

Get off your couch and get ready to sweat! I’m ClickHole’s At-Home Dance Fitness Director, Theresa D’Bobbin, and this is “At-Home Dance 101: Shake, Move, Groove, and Shake!” To participate, just follow along with the steps below – but don’t forget to rock it!

Thanks for joining me! Today we’ll be dancing to “Hungry Like The Wolf” by Duran Duran, which you can listen to by clicking this link. If the link doesn’t work for you, any song about being like a wolf will do.

Now that the music is blasting, we’ve got to get your body ready to inhabit the spirit of dance fitness. Let’s get a warm up going: flash a thumbs up at your screen.

Awesome! How about a thumbs down?

Great! You’re all warmed up. If you’re already winded, then you aren’t in good enough shape for dance fitness. Please exit this window and call your physician.

Now let’s get this party started! Shake it to the left!

And shake it to the right!

Double time!

Now lift your big hoop!

Get going! Spin that hoop!

Yes!! Only 2,900 spins to go!

Keep it UP! Believe you were put on this earth as nothing but a vessel for HOOP!

Well done! Hold for applause.

They can’t get enough of your dancing, and neither can I!

Now hop on the scale!

Nice! You’ve already lost 200 pounds! That’s what we in the dance fitness community call “results.”

It’s time to roll out the dance ball! Grab your dance ball and roll with me!

Whoopsies! Falling down is optional…

But shaking your thang is mandatory! Weights up!

Now take your dumbbells for a walk! Walking is the dance you do every day!

Don’t stop walking until you find your doppelgänger!

Can you see her? Swap places with her!

Awesome. Now it’s time to burden your doppelgänger with all your stresses, worries, and fears! Take a deep breath and just let them all go! Your problems are hers now. You’re finally free. Free to focus all your energy on dance fitness!

Very good! Let’s send your doppelgänger back to the shadow realm. Send her off! Bon voyage!!

Hop back on the ball!

Take a quick, 15 minute recovery nap.

Feeling refreshed? I know I am! Now get back on your feet, because this is the final stretch, and you’re going to dance harder than you ever have before.

Give me 10 reps of twist!!!!


Now bring it home with 30 reps of sway!!!



Whew! Now that we’ve reached the first chorus of “Hungry Like The Wolf,” our workout is over! Together we are reborn through dance fitness, and I’m loving that. Go ahead and claim your prize.

Whoa! We tied for first place. That’s what I call “awesome.” You did a great job dancing today, and the best part is that now you’re fitter than you’ve ever been in your life. Way to go! I can’t wait to see you next time.