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‘Whatever That Was, It Doesn’t Represent Us’: GLAAD Has Condemned The SATC Reboot For The Scene In Which Carrie’s Nonbinary Boss Fingers Miranda While Miranda Essentially Barks Like A Dog As Carrie Pees In A Cup

While the representation of LGBT people in television is essential in the fight for equality, exactly what those LGBT characters are depicted doing is just as important as showing the characters at all. Case in point: GLAAD has condemned the SATC reboot for the scene in which Carrie’s nonbinary boss fingers Miranda while Miranda essentially barks like a dog as Carrie pees in a cup. 

Wow. Looks like SATC really missed the mark with that one.

In an announcement posted on their website earlier today, GLAAD officially disavowed the Sex and the City reboot due to its portrayal of LGBT life in “Tragically Hip,” the season’s fifth episode, wherein what the organization calls “the most disturbing depiction of sex ever shown on television” occurs. GLAAD noted that they wish it were a net positive that the reboot isn’t solely showing heterosexual sex like its predecessor, but that watching Miranda cheat on her husband as she makes terrible, guttural woofing sounds while being fingered by Che Diaz, Carrie’s nonbinary  podcast boss, when she should be helping Carrie use the bathroom as she recovers from hip surgery has unfortunately left many members of the LGBT community feeling repulsed, confused, or downright ashamed. 

“While there’s certainly no one-size fits all way to portray LGBT sex on television, we are confident that getting finger-blasted in your best friend’s kitchen, while said best friend cries out in pain about having to pee in the next room over, is something that no queer person has ever experienced, nor has ever even fantasized about experiencing,” said GLAAD on their website. “Although the show depicts other LGBT storylines, that does not atone for the fact that it depicted Miranda barking her orgasm through Che Diaz’s cupped hand as Carrie spills the urine she’d pissed into like an apple juice bottle all over her bed.”

“More specifically, we also condemn the notion that a podcaster would ever make someone cum that quickly, loudly, or powerfully,” continued the organization. “Whatever that scene was supposed to be, it doesn’t represent us, and we strongly advise HBOMax to cancel this show.”

Damn. GLAAD is seriously taking a stand against this reboot, but it seems like they’ve got a pretty solid case. Your move, HBOMax!