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Whoa: Morgan Put Her Hair In A Perfect Messy Bun Without A Mirror During Her Vehicular Manslaughter Trial

Just when it seemed like Morgan couldn’t get any more flawless, she blew everyone away yet again: Morgan put her hair up into a perfect messy bun without a mirror during her vehicular manslaughter trial today.

Ugh, Morgan is so amazing. Can we just be her already?

When Morgan was first called to the stand to give her account of the day last week when she struck and killed an Alton B. Parker High School sophomore with her car while entering the student parking lot, her hair was down. It looked amazing that way, but then, while a witness was testifying about the moment the victim was thrown from Morgan’s windshield onto the ground, Morgan put her hair in a super-stylish messy bun—the kind that had bumps in it on purpose. And she 100 percent pulled it off.

Leave it to Morgan to come up with a perfect hairstyle like it’s absolutely nothing. There is literally no one cooler than her.

Most people would need both a frontal mirror and a hand-held mirror to make sure their messy bun looked okay from the back, but Morgan pulled her hair into a Vogue-ready updo without so much as a bobby pin while she waited for the defense to argue her charges down from felony manslaughter to misdemeanor manslaughter. It would have taken anyone else, like, half an hour, but Morgan just did it effortlessly.

She was honestly the most stylish person in the courtroom by a mile. The bun looked incredible with her outfit, and it was totally obvious when the prosecution team entered the courtroom with the victim’s sobbing family that Morgan was way better dressed than all of them, even though they’re way older. Just another classic example of Morgan blowing everyone out of the water.

God, she’s perfect.

Morgan kept being her gorgeous, iconic self for the rest of the trial. While the victim’s mother was choking through her description of how a light had gone out in the world when her son didn’t come home that day, Morgan even pulled a few wisps of her bangs out of the bun, which looked edgy but still totally classy. Seriously, how does she manage to stay so glamorous for every single second of her life? She’s the queen.