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Wildlife Rescue: PETA Has Come Out With An Emergency Entertainment Kit In Case You Come Across A Deer That Looks Bored

Nothing is more heartbreaking than coming across a struggling wild animal, but thanks to the folks at PETA, animal lovers everywhere can now rest easy knowing that they’ve done everything in their power to be prepared: PETA has released an emergency entertainment kit for anyone who encounters a deer that looks bored.

Amazing. This will truly make a big difference in the lives of deer everywhere.

The kit, which PETA has designed to fit comfortably in the trunk of a car so that it’s always on hand when needed, contains essential items like a deck of cards and magician’s hat that anyone can use to rescue a deer that appears to be incredibly bored. Though the prospect of entertaining a bored deer can seem intimidating to those who want to help but are unfamiliar with wildlife, the kit comes with a user-friendly manual that can help first-timers identify the signs of boredom in deer and master the magic tricks and associated sleight-of-hand maneuvers crucial to saving a deer that is on the brink of feeling blah at a moment’s notice.

“This kit has absolutely everything you need to entertain a bored deer with magic tricks anywhere, from the side of the road to your own backyard,” said PETA on its site. “Rather than helplessly watch a deer that’s bored out of its skull continue to suffer needlessly, people will be empowered by our kit to take wildlife rescue into their own hands by entertaining deer with a series of increasingly difficult illusions sure to wow and amaze them, all while pulling them back from the perilous brink of boredom.”

“Please be cautious when approaching a bored deer, because you might be super boring, and getting closer will actually make things worse,” the PETA statement continues.

When you come across a deer on the side of the road or in your backyard that looks like it may be zoning out, it could be only minutes before the deer slips into a state of total boredom. The critically important magic tricks in the PETA kit may be the only thing standing between a deer and endless, crippling boredom, so PETA recommends keeping a kit on hand at all times of the day.